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How to tap a keg in six simple steps
Maybe you’re having a party or a special celebration and want to serve drinks from your keg properly, and most importantly, without any foam disaster! Well, in this article we’ll tell you how to do keg tapping properly in a few simple steps.
How barrels are heat sanitized
Heat treatment is used to sanitized all barrels as well as storing them within a plastic film
Evaporation when aging liquor in wooden barrels
Evaporation when aging liquor in wooden barrels
Difference between varnished and not varnished barrels
Difference between varnishing (adding a finish) to the exterior of the barrel and not varnishing
Sealing vs. curing the barrel
Curing and sealing the barrel are not the same thing. Find out the differences in this article.
Barrel Charring
Why charring the barrels is so important to boost the flavor al color of the spirits.
Barrel Wax
What is barrel wax and why we usually do not sell it.
Whiskey barrels - Oak gives real character to the Whiskey
Whiskey barrels and the interaction between the oak and the whiskey and is one of the most interesting, if not completely understood components of the whiskey production process.
Personalization: Engraving rules client and barrelsonline adheres to when personalizing a barrel
This article enumerates rules used to engrave the barrels.