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How barrels are heat sanitized

All barrels are heat sanitized before they are shipped. This occurs when the barrel staves are steam and afterwards when the barrel is charred, following is our sanitation document and the procedures we follow to make sure the barrels arrives free of insects and any other contaminant.

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Disinfestation and/or disinfection treatment:

  • Treatment 1: wood staves are placed in a steamed room
    • Duration and temperature:  77C – 60 minutes

  • Treatment 2: wood charring burning on the inside
    • Duration and temperature:  280C – 35 seconds

  • Treatment 3 optional: wood lacquer applied to all open sides


Heat treatment performed on the heading and bottoms - yes.
Timeframe from treatment to shipping – 5 days before shipping.
Timeframe from treatment to wrapping of each individual mini barrel – Within two days of treatment.

*After treatment mini barrels are wrapped in sealed plastic in order to conserve it free from insects.

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