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How to tap a keg in six simple steps

Maybe you’re having a party or a special celebration and want to serve drinks from your keg properly, and most importantly, without any foam disaster! Well, in this article we’ll tell you how to do keg tapping properly in a few simple steps.


1. Get the right coupler


Your barrel must have the correct tap or pump in order to dispense the liquid. Most of the couplers you can get in the US or Canada use the American ‘D’ system, which are totally compatible to match your keg. In Barrels Online, we include this key with your purchase!


2. Take it easy


After getting your barrel, you should take it to the place you established for it and let it settle at least for a couple of hours. Remember it might have come from a long transportation ride, since it’s been in delivery vehicles, then to the delivery man’s hands to yours, then to your kitchen and so on.


3. Cool it down


You must ice your keg before using it. It’s important because you’ll enjoy a perfectly poured drink and not just a cup of foam. Something else that might help is using plastic bags to stuff the ice around the sides of the barrel and keep it tightly packed. Leave it there for several hours,  and don’t forget to ice your tap and liquor before an hour you pour.


4. Make the connection 


Take off any dust, plastic or cardboard from the fixture on top of the keg. Make sure the keg coupler is in the off position, which consists in having the pump handle up; then, line up the coupler lugs with the corresponding openings on the keg valve. You’ll need to add a little pressure and turn the tap system about 90 degrees, or as far as it goes.


5. Get it on!


In order to let the gas enter the keg and get the liquor flowing, you’re gonna have to push the pump handle down (this is the on position). That way it starts to engage. Make sure to check the seating, and if you see bubbles around the connection, there might be something wrong. We recommend turning the pump handle back off, disconnecting it and giving it another try.


6. Pour and enjoy


All of Barrels Online’s products are brand new! So, if it’s the first time you’re using it, chances are high that there’s already enough pressure within the keg to get the liquid flowing. You just need to push down on the valve and pour the drink into your glass. Maybe, at first, you’ll see foam, but this is normal.


Now you know how to properly do keg tapping. Cheers!!!


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