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Prefer no spigot hole?

Prefer no spigot hole?

Lately, quite a few of our clients have requested the spigot hole not to be drilled on their barrel order, which makes quite a bit of sense as having a spigot hole and spigot installed on the barrel will allow for more evaporation (angel’s share) of the alcohol.  So not drilling the spigot hole will help reduce any leaking/evaporation of the precious liquid.

All our barrels are sealed tight when they are made and are stocked without any holes drilled to make sure no contamination enters the barrels, so we can easily accommodate an order for not drilling the spigot hole. 

If you would prefer no spigot hole to be drilled, please add a request either in the logo instruction box or special notes boxes that appear when ordering.




Barrels without a spigot hole




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