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Oak Barrel - 100 oz (3 liter) Black Hoop

3ltr oak wooden barrel charred on the inside, black hoops. Perfect for home aging whiskey, scotch, rum, wines etc.
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Varnish helps protect the exterior of the barrel from showing unsightly stains. More expert users prefer unvarnish to allow barrel to breath making for better ageing.  

Introducing our extraordinary Black Steel Hoop Barrels, the perfect companions for elevating your spirits to new heights. With a generous capacity of 3 liters (100oz), these barrels offer ample space for your favorite beverages to mature and develop exceptional flavors.

Charred to perfection at level 3 on the inside, these barrels infuse your liquids with a depth of flavor that will delight your senses. Made from premium American white oak, these barrels ensure the highest quality and authenticity, enhancing the aging process and adding a touch of sophistication to your spirits.

Measuring 6" in diameter and 8.5" long, these barrels provide the ideal size for your aging needs. Each barrel comes complete with a stand, spigot, and bung plug, ensuring convenient access and effortless dispensing.

Not only do these barrels boast captivating black steel hoops, but they are also available in galvanized steel and brass variations. Choose the hoop material that best complements your style and preferences, and let your barrel become a statement piece in your home bar or distillery.

Whether you're aging whiskey, scotch, rum, or wine, our Black Steel Hoop Barrels are designed to enhance the flavor profile and create a truly exceptional drinking experience. Elevate the character, complexity, and overall enjoyment of your favorite spirits with these remarkable barrels.

Order your Black Steel Hoop Barrel today and embark on a journey of flavor exploration. Unlock the full potential of your beverages and make a statement with the craftsmanship and quality of these exceptional barrels.

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