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Oak Barrel - 100 oz (3 liter) Galvanized Steel Hoop

3ltr oak wooden barrel charred on the inside, galvanized steel hoops. Perfect for home aging whiskey, scotch, rum, wines etc.
Delivery date: add 2-3 days for customization and packing
Varnish helps protect the exterior of the barrel from showing unsightly stains. More expert users prefer unvarnish to allow barrel to breath making for better ageing.  
When selecting engraving you can just write text to be engraved in the instruction box or upload an image and add any additional text or special instructions to the instruction box.

Galvanized steel hoops

Barrrels Capacity: 3 liter (100oz)

Charred on the inside to level 3

Made from american white oak

Barrels Measurements: Measures 6" in diameter and 8.5" long

Shipping Weight: 6 pounds

Barrels include stand, spigot and bung plug as pictured

This wood barrel is also available in black steel and brass hoops.

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