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Oktoberfest and the tapping of the barrel

Oktoberfest and the tapping of the barrel

Oktoberfest is one of the most popular festivities in Germany and one of the most important worldwide, being imitated in many countries around the world such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, and here in the United States.  This festival has been celebrated in Munich since 1810.


Oktoberfest Origins

The celebration initiated with the marriage between Prince Luis I of Baviera and Teresa de Sajonia-Hildburghausen in the year 1810. It was such a success that it has continued to grow to what is today an important and big scale celebration.

Since its inception the Oktoberfest has been celebrated each year with exception of war or other major causes, in all, in the more than 200 years the festival has existed only on 24 occasions was it suspended.


The celebration

Between six and seven million visitors congregate each year in a field known as Theresienwiese for the celebration of the popular festival.

The Oktoberfest starts with the arrival of the Wiesnwirte (beer brewery owners) which are escorted by horse carriages loaded with beer barrels, the mayor opens the first beer barrel and a parade of traditional costumes follows. After this arrives the moment to enjoy many liters for beer, food, polka music, and the many shows. 



Try your own tapping of the Oktoberfest barrel using one of our many selections of barrels, fill with beer and plug the spigot hole with a wine cork.  Tap the barrel by inserting the spigot which will then push the wine cork inside the barrel, then enjoy Prost!!




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