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Riding the Waves of Innovation: A list Distilleries Embracing Ocean Aging Techniques

Riding the Waves of Innovation: A list Distilleries Embracing Ocean Aging Techniques

Several distilleries have ventured into the realm of ocean-aged spirits, gaining recognition for their innovative approach to aging. Here's a list of notable distilleries that have produced ocean-aged spirits:

  1. Jefferson's Bourbon: Perhaps the most well-known in this category, Jefferson's Bourbon has a line called Jefferson's Ocean, which is aged at sea. The constant movement of the ship, varying temperatures, and salty air are said to add unique characteristics to the bourbon.

  2. Lost Spirits Distillery: Based in California, Lost Spirits has experimented with rapid aging techniques, including the use of ocean aging for their spirits.

  3. Oceanside Distillery: This distillery, as the name suggests, focuses on ocean-influenced aging processes, leveraging the seaside environment to impart unique flavors to their spirits.

  4. Bruichladdich: A Scottish distillery known for innovation, Bruichladdich has experimented with marine aging, taking advantage of the Islay coastal climate to influence the maturation of their Scotch.

  5. Old Pulteney: Located in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, Old Pulteney is often influenced by its maritime location, with some of its expressions showcasing subtle sea-influenced characteristics.

  6. Kelt Cognac: Kelt Cognac takes its barrels on a sea voyage, believing that the movement, temperature variations, and sea air contribute significantly to the aging process and final flavor profile.

  7. Rogue Spirits: Rogue has experimented with ocean aging for its Dead Guy Whiskey, taking advantage of the Pacific Ocean's coastal environment.

  8. Chattanooga Whiskey Co.: They have experimented with aging their whiskey on riverboats, providing a unique take on the ocean-aging concept, albeit on a river.

These distilleries are part of a growing trend that explores the impact of oceanic and maritime environments on the aging process of spirits. The results are often unique and sought after by spirit enthusiasts worldwide. However, it's always a good idea to check the latest offerings from these and other innovative distilleries, as the world of spirits is constantly evolving with new techniques and products.


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